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New Poll: Majority Still Does Not Support Marijuana Legalization

More than half of Americans still oppose the complete legalization of marijuana, according to a new AP-CNBC poll. While this may seem problematic to marijuana supporters, the percentage of people favoring marijuana legalization is actually higher than ever before.

The poll, which was conducted by telephone and surveyed 1,001 people, determined that 33 percent of those questions were in favor of legalization, with 19 percent identifying themselves as "strongly in favor." Fifty-five percent of those polled were opposed to legalization, with 40 percent identifying themselves as "strongly opposed." Eleven percent of those polled remained neutral on the subject.

The poll also found that while Democrats and Independents are evenly divided on the issue, Republicans are strongly opposed to legalization. Women opposed legalization more than men (63 percent to 48 percent), but there were no significant regional differences. And not surprisngly, younger people (under the age of 30) were more supportive of legalization than older Americans.


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