New Police Technology Fires GPS Tracking Device At Vehicles During Car Chases


Car chases used to be extremely dangerous for those involved but almost exciting for those watching the live broadcast at home, as there was always a chance that the criminal could outsmart the police and potentially slip away. With new technology, both the danger and the excitement may be eliminated. 

A company called StarChase has developed what it refers to as “Pursuit Management Technology,” or a new GPS-based gadget and tracking technology that it claims will assist law enforcement officials with pursuing criminals that attempt to escape. The device would be installed in the grill of police squad cars. If the police force gets engaged in a chase, they simply press a button that fires a GPS-enabled gadget from the grill of the car, which then sticks on the back of the fleeing vehicle. That way police forces can slow down and track the vehicle’s location, rather than attempting to keep up with it. 

While the Batmobile-esque gadget seems like it’d be extremely useful, it does come with an expensive price. Outfitting vehicles would cost $5,000 per unit, and each time a bullet is fired the cost would be around $500. That’s a risky investment, especially considering squad cars may miss their intended targets. Still, the company’s website lists several success stories, such as an incident in which an officer stopped a DUI suspect without injury, and a drug bust instigated by firing the device onto a pickup truck. 

As long as results are working as intended, it appears as if this technology is going to be effective. 


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