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New Plea from Kyron Horman's Parents

It's been six months since Kyron Horman disappeared from school in Portland, and his parents on Thursday issued a new plea to make sure people do not forget.

"We recognize that it has now been 6 months since Kyron went missing and we are still deeply saddened that he is not home with us. We feel the investigation continues to move forward in a positive manner and is progressing toward finding out what happened to Kyron. Briefings continue with law enforcement on a regular basis and we remain confident in the commitment of law enforcement and in the mission to find our son," Kaine Horman and Desiree Young said.

They also asked the public to continue to do what they can to bring Kyron home.

"We all still remain focused and relentless in the pursuit of bringing Kyron home. We would like to stress to everyone that Kyron has not yet been found and we need everyone’s help. We still need everyone willing to pass out fliers and/or post them in high visibility areas. If you are travelling, attending holiday events, out shopping, or even shipping packages from your business you can help. We can help get fliers to you if you need them to pass out, post, or ship (please use the web master email link at to request some).

"Kyron still needs all of us. We love you Kyron and we will never give up hope."

Kaine Horman's estranged wife Terri appears to be the focus of the police investigation, yet she has not been formally named as a suspect. She was the last person to see Kyron before he vanished. 


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