New Orleans Infested with Tens of Thousands of Flying Termites

New Orleans was faced with tens of thousands of swarming Formosan termites on Wednesday, causing many people to wonder if they were part of a frightening disaster movie.

The termites were attracted to anything that lit up, including car headlights, streetlights or homes, making their presence even more known.

Usually, the critters come out in the beginning of May, but because New Orleans has been experiencing abnormally cool temperatures, they made their first appearance last night as it was warmer.

These types of termites are not native to America, but came here during World War II from the East in packing crates.

The termites come in swarms in New Orleans, especially along Lake Pontchartrain and at the naval shipyard in Algiers.

They also stay around the area because they are only able to fly 300 yard at most in search of a mate. Once they find a mate, the pair drop to the ground to start a nest.

But thousands fail to find a mate, and many die in the ground when they can't find proper shelter.

A termite nest takes an average of five years to reach a size where the colony creates versions of the bug with wings to restart the flying cycle.

Some colonies can have as many as five million individual insects.

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Sources: Daily Mail, NOLA


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