New NRA President Jim Porter Blames the North for the Civil War (Video)

Alabama lawyer Jim Porter, who was recently named the new president of the NRA, blames the North for the Civil War and believes a debunked rumor about the UN trying to ban Americans' guns.

During a June 2012 speech to the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Porter said the NRA was “started by some Yankee generals who didn’t like the way my Southern boys had the ability to shoot in what we call the ‘War of Northern Aggression.’ Now y’all might call it the Civil War, but we call it the ‘War of Northern Aggression’ down South" (video below).

“Every time you take your nephew out to the gun club, every time you take your daughter skeet shooting, every time you take your grandchildren out, we’re passing on the legacy of freedom,” Porter added, reports the New York Daily News,

According to MediaMatters.org, at the same speech, Porter said that Attorney General Eric Holder was "rabidly un-American" and "is trying to kill the Second Amendment at the United Nations" (video below).

Porter went on to repeat a debunked e-mail rumor that the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty would "make it illegal for individuals all over the world to own firearms."

In reality, the treaty bans selling guns to war criminals, but has nothing to do with private gun ownership.

Porter will be in Houston on Friday to kick off the NRA's three-day national convention. NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre will still be the spokesperson.

Source: New York Daily News, MediaMatters.org, Politifact.com


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