New NASA Photo Shows 'Workman' Fixing Curiosity Rover, Some Say (Photos)


New photos released by NASA have some claiming to have spotted life on Mars.

The photos, captured by a navigation camera, apparently show the shadow of a figure that looks like a human leaning over the Mars Curiosity Rover, seemingly working on it. The figure appears to be someone not wearing a helmet, as what looks like spiky hair can be seen. An air tank is also fastened to the back of the “person,” who appears to be wearing some sort of bulky suit.

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The photos quickly spread among theorists and alien hunters, with many claiming they prove the existence of life on Mars. Others argue the photos were taken of the rover being repaired on Earth. Scientists said the photos do not prove life on Mars and any perception of a humanlike figure is a figment of the imagination.

“This underlines the fact that such things literally lurk in the shadows and play with our imagination,” said UFO Investigations Manual author Nigel Watson.

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The photos come after the Curiosity Rover discovered high methane levels that are believed to have come from “bacterialike organisms” on the planet’s surface, notes Daily Mail.

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: NASA via Daily Mail, Wikipedia


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