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Woman Asks For New Car After Giving Birth In Honda

A New York-based woman has tweeted Honda asking for a new car after she gave birth May 1 in her vehicle.

Beth Newell, a writer and director, posted a picture of her with her newly-born daughter in the vehicle to Twitter.

"@honda, earlier today I gave birth to my daughter in the back of a Honda Fit," Newell wrote in the May 1 tweet, according to Daily Mail. "It is a mess. Can I have a free car?"

Newell lives and works in New York for Reductress, which calls itself the "one and only fake women’s news magazine."

She also teaches sketch writing.

Her tweet has gone viral, being shared over 15,000 times in two days. Most respondents have voiced their agreement with her.

"If they don't give you a car, I'm trading in my civic," Holly S. Golightly wrote, according to Daily Mail.

Another user, named Slav, added that Newell “bloody well deserves one.”

Other users suggested she could go elsewhere if Honda proved unwilling to fulfill her request.

“If not @honda maybe @toyota or @ford can offer you one! Congrats!!” Tuvia Elbaum wrote, KPRC reported.

Not everyone was sympathetic to Newell’s cause.

“Why does Honda have to fork over a car because this chick has bad timing?” a Twitter user asked, Daily Mail noted.

A Facebook poster wondered if the picture was all that it seemed, writing, “Doubt that it’s real.” 

Honda has not responded to Newell’s query thus far.

Sources: Daily Mail, KPRC via KSAT, Beth Newell/Twitter / Photo Credit: Beth Newell/Twitter

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