New Mom Condemned By Critics For Her Pictures (Photos)

Australian model Erin McNaught, 32, gave birth to her son Evander Maxwell just a month ago. However, McNaught recently showed off her incredibly toned post-baby body in a selfie on Instagram, receiving both widespread criticism and praise.

McNaught captioned the picture with “''4 weeks PP [post partum] and I'm starting to get my stomach back!

“Aside from lots of walking and eating healthily, I've been doing loads of pelvic floor and transverse abdominus exercises. Still no traditional ab work though which is driving me crazy! #bodyafterbaby."

The comments predictably ranged from praise for the model’s “sexy” physique and criticism for apparently setting unrealistic standards. 

One Instagram user asked “how the hell is that possible?” and another quipped “Oh, not another celebrity trying to show how quickly they've lost the weight. Incredibly boring and vain.”

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Others defended McNaught’s speedy recovery. “My god women are so jealous and bitter! The reason why so many women put on so much weight during pregnancy is because they use pregnancy as an excuse to eat for two and eat whatever the hell they want and put it down to cravings. 

“I followed a healthy diet during my pregnancy, only exercise I did was walking and after birth I had 7kg to lose, which I lost within 4 weeks. And that was just down to sensible eating and breastfeeding, no exercise because I was in too much pain. Good on her for looking after her health and her baby’s during her pregnancy! Well done Erin!’"

According to the Daily Mail, McNaught had discussed her physique while pregnant with TheFix. "I'd say just eating really healthily and exercising, I can't emphasize that enough, how good exercise is through pregnancy," she said. "A lot of people are scared of it but you shouldn't be.”

Sources: Daily MailTheFix Image via Instagram


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