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New Mexico Woman Becomes Third Victim Of Invasive Anal Medical Procedures

An unnamed woman from New Mexico is the latest person to come forward and claim she was physically abused by state authorities after she was forced to undergo invasive surgery to make sure she wasn't carrying drugs.

The alleged victim believed she was sexually assaulted and that federal agents and medical staff went beyond their authority to search for drugs that weren’t on her, the Daily Mail reported.

The woman was allegedly strip-searched and assaulted by police when they stuck their fingers into her vagina.

Police took the woman to a University Medical Center after the on-site search was unsuccessful. She was given an X-ray, cat scan and full body search.

Laura Schaur Ives, her lawyer of the American Civil Liberties Union New Mexico chapter, told KOB 4 that medical staff probed her vagina and anus but found nothing.

Schaur says that police did not have a search warrant. This was the latest such case to happen recently.

Opposing Views reported earlier last week of other alleged victims, Timothy Young and David Eckert, who were both stopped by police for traffic violations in two different incidents in Oct. 13, 2012 and January of 2013, respectively.

They were searched by the same drug-sniffing dog named Leo. It turned out that both men did not possess any drugs.

Eckert and Young were taken to Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, N.M., where they performed invasive procedures on them including cavity searches, anal probing and X-ray scans.

Even though these traffic incidents dealt with New Mexico cops, Schaur’s client was allegedly handled by Customs and Border Control.

All three victims refused to be examined and protested their treatments. They were ignored, and Eckert was given a medical bill by doctors for his own forced colonoscopy, according to the Daily Mail.


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