New Mexico Man Subjected To Invasive Body Cavity Search, Handed Bill To Pay For It (Video)


Another New Mexico resident has come forward with a story of extreme and invasive body cavity searches by law enforcement authorities in the state.

Timothy Young was pulled over in Lordsburg, New Mexico in 2012 for failing to use a turn signal. In an interview with, Young says Hidalgo County sheriff’s deputies quickly asked if they could search his truck for drugs, and he consented.

For the next three hours, authorities searched his truck and ordered him to get naked so they could search him as well. Young cooperated with all orders. When both searches turned up nothing, Young figured he would be free to go. He was wrong.

A deputy told him he would be taken to the hospital and searched yet another time for drugs. Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Deputy Patrick Green insisted that the search was necessary because, in his words, “I’m pretty sure you have it up your ass.”

Young didn’t consent to the cavity search, but his consent didn’t matter. A judge approved the search warrant and he was taken to the hospital. There, he had x-rays performed on his stomach and pelvic region before being taken to an operating room. Then, with deputies present, a doctor searched his anal cavity for drugs. According to Young, the deputies laughed as soon as the operation started.

The search turned up nothing. Young was taken back to his truck and released. He thought the nightmare incident was over until three weeks later when he received a bill in the mail. It was from the hospital, and was seeking $614 for the searches performed. 

Young, so frustrated that all he could do was laugh, sued the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department. As of now, he’s been awarded $925,000 dollars. Once again, we see taxpayers stuck footing the bill for a law enforcement department’s reckless behavior.

Here’s Young’s full story:



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