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New Mexico Shooter Nehemiah Griego Loved Violent Video Games, Hoped to Be Killed by Police

Nehemiah Griego admitted to police that he killed five members of his immediate family, including his two sisters and one brother who were all less than 10 years old. But it could have been even worse:After committing the murders, Griego reloaded his weapon with the possible intention of going to a nearby Walmart so that he could harm more people.

According to the police report, “he wanted to shoot people at random and eventually be killed while exchanging gunfire with law enforcement.” It is not clear at this time what, if anything, prevented the boy from carrying out this plan or if he ever attempted to go to the Walmart.

As the investigation into the shooting -- which happened on Saturday -- has progressed, more details about the supposed shooter have emerged. “The suspect was involved heavily in games — violent games — and was quite excited as he got the opportunity to discuss them with our investigators,”sheriff Dan Houston revealed at a Tuesday press conference. Two of the games Griego enjoyed playing were Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto.

Griego told police that he was feeling homicidal and suicidal when he began the attack on his family, and that the violent incident started because he was “frustrated” with his mother. After killing her, he took a photo of his deceased mother and sent it to his 12-year-old girlfriend.

Police recovered four guns during the investigation, two of which are believed to have been used in the killings. All four were legally owned by the boy’s father, local pastor Gregory Griego. Although the investigation is still ongoing, police are not looking for any other suspects in the matter.

(The Daily Mail)


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