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New Mexico Poodle Gets Paw Wedged In Bathtub Drain; Saved By Firefighters (Video)

An astonishing rescue occurred in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Friday after a poodle’s paw got wedged in a bathtub drain for several hours.

Selene Ortega, 12, said that she was giving her dog, Morita, a bath at her home in northeast Albuquerque when the dog began screaming.

“I tried picking her up and she kind of like, screamed,” Ortega told KRQE-TV. “I checked what was going on and her foot was stuck in there.”

After attempting to free Morita’s paw to no avail, Ortega and her family ended up calling for emergency help.

Firefighters were called by Albuquerque Animal Welfare to the home to try and free the pup using lotion, oil and shampoo. They eventually cut around the bathtub drain to get the poodle out of the house and to a veterinarian, who successfully removed it.

The vet checked out Morita’s paw and believes the dog will make a full recovery.

Animal Welfare officials say pet owners should use drain covers, the Associated Press reports via the Huffington Post.

Sources: KRQE News, Huffington Post


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