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New Mexico Police Officer Accused Of Letting Woman Off DWI Charge After They Started Dating

A New Mexico police officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation after he allegedly failed to show up in court to charge a woman in a DWI case.

Marvin Goke arrested Angela Torres in May 2014 when he caught her swerving out of her lane in Albuquerque.

“Yeah, she's … she's tanked man (laughter). She was bouncing off the curb coming down here in that Lexus, man. I was like, whoa!” Goke can be heard saying on the dash cam footage of the arrest, according to Daily Mail.

“She’s pretty intoxicated,” he adds.

“Yeah, I … had a bad breakup so I have a lot on my mind right now,” Torres says on the footage of the arrest.

“There’s no way you can let her off?” a woman is heard asking Goke.

“No, sorry. That’s not the way it goes,” Goke answers.

However, eight months later, Goke failed to show up in court to press the charge, according to Daily Mail.

“There was an internal complaint about two months ago that came to the department’s attention,” State Police Chief Pete Kassetas said, according to KRQE.

Kassetas added that an officer had to have a good reason for missing a court appearance.

KRQE reported that Goke and Torres appear to be in a relationship, although neither party has commented on the matter.

Facebook photos show the pair together. Commenting on one picture, Torres wrote, “My guy.”

In other comments, friends write about what a nice couple the two make, Daily Mail reported.

Kassetas was questioned on whether it was appropriate for a police officer to date someone they had arrested.

“If you're asking me specifically about this case, I can't answer that," Kassetas responded. "If you're asking me that question in general terms, my answer would be no."

Sources: Daily Mail, KRQE

Photo credit: Daily Mail, Facebook photo via KRQE


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