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New Mexico Police Chief Caught Having Sex In Ambulance

A New Mexico police chief was suspended from his job recently after cameras caught him having sex with a woman in the back of an ambulance.

The police chief, Larry Burns, also serves as the town of Jal’s Emergency Medical Services Director. He was in uniform when the incident took place.

“What he did was stupid, what he did was self-serving,” Interim City Manager Bob Gallagher told KRQE.

When asked why Burns was only suspended and not fired for his actions, Gallagher said “In this case there was no criminal activity whatsoever, there was no proof whatsoever that it was on duty when he should have been working. I think it was lapse of judgment. Something that I don’t think will keep him from being able to perform his duties when he comes back.”

Despite no criminal activity taking place, Gallagher twice asked New Mexico State Police to conduct an internal investigation of Burns’ actions. They turned him down both times.

The only hope of Burns seeing any real punishment for his actions is if the state Law Enforcement Academy Board reviews his case. If they find his actions inappropriate enough, Burns could lose his police license.

Former New Mexico State Police Chief Robert Shilling thinks there is plenty of evidence to take action against Burns.

“It certainly falls in the preview of misconduct in a multitude of ways,” he said. “I can only imagine, defrauding the taxpayers of being on duty or conducting yourself on duty when you’re saying you’re doing something else. I think would fall under the purview of the Law Enforcement Academy Board.”


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