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New Mexico Man Claims Friend Began Turning Into Zombie Before He Allegedly Beat Him To Death

A New Mexico man has been arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly beat his friend to death.

Damon Perry, 23, and Christopher Paquin, 23, were reportedly drinking and binge-watching AMC's "The Walking Dead."

Police were called to an apartment in the small town of Grants on the afternoon of Oct. 22 amid reports that a knife-wielding man was pursuing a woman, according to Reuters. They arrived to find Perry pinned down by two maintenance workers, and later discovered Paquin's body. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Perry told investigators he had been drinking large amounts of alcohol when his friend began to change into a zombie," a police department statement said, according to Reuters.

Perry alleged that Paquin began to bite him, so he attacked Paquin by kicking and punching him, and hitting him with objects including a guitar and microwave, the Daily Mail reports.

Detective Moses Marquez of the Grants Police Department said the case was one of the “weirdest and most gruesome” homicides he'd ever known, Reuters reported.

Perry is due in court on Nov. 3. His bond is set at $800,000 cash.

Sources: Daily Mail, Reuters via The Guardian / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail


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