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New Marijuana Law Creates Street Drug Crime (Video)

The Netherlands cracked down last year on tourists who were coming to the country to buy and use marijuana.

The "cannabis card" law was introduced on May 1, 2012 to transform coffee shops that sell marijuana into private clubs that could only market pot to residents.

The new law applied to three southern provinces in the Netherlands: Limburg, North Brabant and Zeeland.

But residents didn't like visiting coffee shops because they were required to provide their identities, reported

Additionally, drug dealers moved into the areas to sell marijuana and hard drugs to tourists.

A more liberal government shelved the cannabis card law in November 2012, but the street drug dealers did not want to give up their turf and started threatening the coffee shop owners if they sold marijuana to tourists.

According to the "nonpartisan, independent media organization" We Are Change, "when the coffee shops were allowed to sell cannabis to tourists again, members of these gangs threatened coffee shop owners because their business was being taken away from them."

We Are Change recently uploaded a video (below) of drug dealers threatening a coffee shop owner and the experience of the cameraman who filmed them.

Sources: and We Are Change


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