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New Law In Spain Would Require Kids To Help With House Chores

Looks like the parents of Spain want a little help around the house.

BBC reports that Spanish lawmakers are currently working on a piece of legislation that would require children under the age of 18 to chip in and help with house chores. Specifically, the law would require children to take “co-responsibility in caring for the home and performing household tasks regardless of age and gender.”

In addition to the cleaning requirement, the law would also require children to be respectful towards their parents and teachers and have a positive attitude about learning. As of right now, the bill fails to mention what, if any, punishments would be administered if a child failed to follow the new rules.

The bill would also create a centralized list of people in Spain forbidden from working with children. It would also make it a crime for people working with children to not report possible cases of child abuse. If someone failed to report an instance of abuse, they would be charged with a crime of omission.

Sources: BBC, Yahoo


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