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New Jersey Woman Taylor Goes On Taser-Defying, Cop Car Stealing Rampage (Video)

In North Carolina, a cop with a gun is no match for an angry woman armed with a hammer and a pair of scissors.

New Jersey woman Ayana Taylor, 21, is being hit with a slew of charges after she assaulted a police officer with a pair of scissors and stole his patrol car. The officer is sure to be the butt of many jokes back at the police station.

The incident occurred in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Police received a call about a woman, Taylor, wandering around the town with a weapon. Police showed up and tried to place Taylor under arrest, but she resisted.

After attacking the officer with a pair of scissors, she was tased. Taylor’s apparently superhuman body was hardly affected by the shock, however, and she managed to break free from the officer’s grasp. She ran to the officer’s patrol cruiser and managed to drive off before he could stop her.

Her joyride didn’t last long as she crashed into several cars just a quarter of a mile away.

Taylor was arrested and charged with assault on a government official with a deadly weapon, larceny of a motor vehicle and resisting arrest.

Officials have not said whether or not Taylor was on drugs at the time.  I’m going with bath salts.

Here is footage of Taylor’s taser-defying escapade: 

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News


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