New Jersey Teen Who Tried To Sue Parents Now Faces Boyfriend In Court


A New Jersey teenager who infamously tried to sue her parents after they ordered her to end the relationship she was in last year is now fighting her boyfriend in court.

Rachel Canning, 18, has a temporary restraining order out against her boyfriend, who allegedly choked her with his hands in a fight on the street Sunday morning, according to USA Today.

Lucas Kitzmiller allegedly assaulted Canning before she got into her car and drove straight to the police headquarters in the area, filing a domestic complaint against him.

The couple will go to court for a hearing Wednesday, according to the Daily Mail.

But this will not be the first time Canning has faced a person she is close to in court. She previously tried to get child support and school tuition, along with payment of her legal bills, from her parents a year ago, after moving in with an attorney.

At the time, Canning received criticism for trying to take her parents' money and disrespecting them.

“Have you ever in your experience seen such gross disrespect for a parent?” said Family Division Judge Peter Bogaard. “I don’t see it in my house.”

Since then, the teenager has reconciled with her parents, moved back in and plans to attend Western New England University in the fall.

Source: Daily Mail, USA Today, Photo Credit: Reuters


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