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New Jersey Teacher Who Was Late 111 Times Will Keep His Job

A New Jersey elementary school teacher who has been late to school 111 times in two years will keep his job, a state arbitrator has ruled.

Roosevelt Elementary School math teacher Arnold Anderson was late at least 46 times this past school year and 65 times the year before, reports USA Today.

The school sought to terminate his employment for chronic tardiness under the tenure reform law signed by Republican Gov. Chris Christie in 2012 called the Teacher Effectiveness and Accountability for the Children of New Jersey.

The arbitrator ruled that Anderson cannot be fired because the school district did not give him a formal warning, Fox News Insider reports.

He was also to be given 90 days to correct his failings upon notice.

Anderson blames his tardiness on breakfast.

"I have a bad habit of eating breakfast in the morning, and I lost track of time," Anderson said.

Anderson claims he was never more than one to two minutes late to school and that he was always prepared and never late to class.

The arbitrator did find Anderson’s conduct “unbecoming” and his excuses flimsy, but said he could return to school after an unpaid suspension lasting until Jan. 2016.

Gov. Christie referenced Anderson’s case in a tweet on Friday.

“Think I’m too tough on the teachers union? This is what we’re dealing with in NJ,” Christie tweeted.

Anderson makes $90,000 a year and has 14 years of experience.

“I will be early,” Anderson said of when he returns to work in January.

Sources: USA Today, Fox News Insider / Photo credit: USAG-Humphreys/Flickr


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