New Jersey Substitute Teacher Duct Taped Third-Graders Mouths Shut (Video)

Five New Jersey 9-year-olds say their substitute teacher duct taped their mouths shut as part of a “quiet game.”

“It hurt,” third-grader Angelique Correa Henderson told PIX11. “We kept talking too much. She got very frustrated, then she called on me and four students to tape their mouths.”

The substitute was removed from a list of substitutes used at Winfield Scott School No. 2 in Elizabeth. The teacher had a clean record prior to the May 29 incident, school officials said.

Angelique’s father Munford Henderson said he will be filing his own charges against the teacher. He said neither the principal nor the school’s superintendent has contacted him about the incident.

Elizabeth police and the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency are also looking into the allegations.

"I don't understand what she was thinking," Henderson told WNBC-TV. "We're talking about kids. You're sworn to protect and teach, not to hurt them and put them in fear."

"We consider this serious," Donald Goncalves, spokesman for the school board, told The Newark Star-Ledger. "We took the teacher out of the classroom and she will no longer be working for us."

Sources: Pix 11, New York Daily News


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