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New Jersey Senior Citizens Arrested for Drugs, Prostitution

Three people from a senior citizen housing complex in Englewood, NJ have been arrested on allegations of drug use and prostitution.

James Parham, 75, and Cheryl Chaney, 66, were arrested for use of cocaine, and for running a prostitution ring out of their apartments within the Vincente K. Tibbs Senior Citizen Building, reports The Daily Caller.

The chief of police “assigned undercover officers to find out which tenants were behind the drug and prostitution reports,” says the write-up.

Apparently, “a recent rise in crime [had] residents afraid to come out of their apartments,” writes “Growing fears” from the residents had “prompted an undercover investigation and new round-the-clock police patrols of the complex.” Police heard wind of “vagrants,” “drunks,” and “addicts” invading their building, says The Daily Caller.

Selma McDuffie, 54, was a school crossing guard. She was charged, as well, with possession of drug paraphernalia, this time for having a crack pipe. Chaney was arrested for possession of crack itself.

Parham has reportedly admitted to “providing young girls as prostitutes to some of the residents of the building.” Most of the girls have crack cocaine addictions.

Parham and Chaney are now in the process of being evicted from the building, which is federally funded. That being the case, the building does not have proper funding for security guards, so the only call to action for any criminal suspects must be reported to the police from anyone who witnesses misbehavior, says Parham and Chaney, they say, had passed the original criminal background checks and low-income requirements for admission into the complex as residents.

Parham is to appear in Municipal Court in Englewood tomorrow morning; Chaney and McDuffie are expected in court June 11.

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