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New Jersey Restaurant Heavily Criticized For 'I Can Breathe' Sign

A restaurant in New Jersey is coming under fire for a controversial sign they placed outside of their establishment that some say mocks the death of Eric Garner.

Tony Rivoli, owner of Rivoli’s Italian & Seafood Restaurant in Tom’s River, New Jersey, decided to show his businesses’ support of NYPD officers during this tense time by displaying a sign outside his restaurant that reads, “I can breathe. I obey the law.”

Once word of the sign started to spread and a picture of the display was shared across social media, many people reacted in a number of different ways.

“I applaud the owner and am sure if I am down the shore again to definitely visit this establishment!” one Yelp user wrote in support of the restaurant. “I refuse to let anti law enforcement ruin this mans business. People wearing t shirts saying I can’t breathe is acceptable but this isn’t? Police, fire and ems put their lives on the line daily for all of us!”

Others, however, didn’t think the sign was in good taste.

“Anyone supporting this restaurant’s behavior is just as sick in the head as they are!” a user commented. “Absolutely Sickening to mock someone that was murdered. Unreal!”

Other websites like Cop Block blasted the restaurant owner’s decision and pointed out that the sign speaks to a larger issue.

“When a man says ‘I OBEY LAWS’ all I see is the ‘I OBEY’ part,” Cop Block posted, according to Mad World News. “What kind of man could happily, publicly state that he is always obedient to his masters and still call himself a man?”

Do you think the restaurant should have posted the “I can breathe” sign?

Sources:Mad World News, Cop Block / Photo Source:Yelp


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