Embarrassing School Sign Reportedly Led To Principal's Demotion


New Jersey elementary school principal Antoinette Young is being demoted to vice principal after school board members complained about spelling errors on a sign in front of the school. However, school officials claim that the demotion is due to unrelated performance issues.

The sign outside of Public School No. 20 in Paterson had errors including “Dicember 2014” and “Progress Reepor.” The school and Young blame a custodian for the spelling errors.

The misspelled words remained on the sign at the front of the school for almost two weeks until school board member Corey L. Teague noticed them and posted a photo to Facebook, tagging other school board members. The caption read, “How can we expect our children to learn how to spell when the administration can’t??”

Teague did add that he was not trying to point fingers or get anyone in trouble. Instead, he was worried whether the staff was checking that entrance for safety issues and the message that the misspelled sign sends to the kids.

Young had worked as the principal for School 20 for almost two years, making $108,000 at the start of this school year.  It is unclear whether the demotion brings a pay cut.  Ironically, the city school’s motto is “Proper Planning Promotes Success; Failure Is Not An Option!”

Sources: The Blaze, Mad World News / Photo Source: The Blaze


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