New Jersey Police Officer Accused Of Pointing Gun At Woman Is Cleared By Dashcam Footage (Video)


A police officer in New Jersey who was accused of pointing a gun at a woman during a traffic stop has been vindicated after dashcam video footage (below) from his cruiser appeared to refute her claim.  

The woman now faces more serious charges and is scheduled to appear in court later in December.

The traffic stop took place on Oct. 15, when Pequannock Officer Daniel Caffrey pulled over driver Hyacinth Peccoo after witnessing the 50-year-old woman roll through an intersection that had a stop sign, News 12 New Jersey reports.

The video footage lasts for about six minutes, and actually shows Caffrey giving Peccoo a deal on the traffic violation that the officer witnessed. Caffrey gave her a $26 ticket with no points for failing to change her address, rather than issuing her a failure-to-stop summons, which would have carried an $85 penalty and two points on her license.

Regardless of the officer's discretion, Peccoo went to Pequannock Township Police Headquarters on Oct. 28 to file a complaint against Caffrey and met with the department's internal affairs officer, Suburban Trends reported. She first claimed that Caffrey had falsely accused her of rolling through a stop sign, and then went on to make an even more serious accusation.

"She went on to claim that the police officer yelled at her and removed his firearm and pointed it at her," Capt. Christopher DePuyt said in a release, according to Suburban Trends.

"Peccoo stated that she asked the officer if he was going to kill her in broad daylight," he added. "She completed a written statement of this account and her interview was audio and video recorded."

After Peccoo shared her account of the traffic stop, the internal affairs officer told her that Caffrey had recorded a six-minute video of the incident on his police dashcam, which the two then reviewed.  

Footage of the incident to which Peccoo referred never surfaced. She was then charged with a disorderly persons offense of making a false report to law enforcement authorities.

Peccoo's court hearing for the charge will be held on Dec. 14.

Sources: Suburban Trends/, News 12 New Jersey / Photo Credit: Pequannock Township Police Department via Suburban Trends

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