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New Jersey Police Fatally Shoot Man, Can't Say Why (Video)

Jerame Reid was shot and killed by police officers during a traffic stop in Bridgeton, New Jersey, last Tuesday night.

According to the Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office, Officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley stopped a car in which Reid was one of the occupants.

At some point during the traffic stop, a handgun was found. However, prosecutors could not say what exactly led to the fatal shooting.

The scene was filmed by some bystanders, who yelled at police (video below).

"They shot [Reid]. They shot the boy ... He was trying to get back in the car," witness Ben Mosley told 6 ABC (video below). "I saw a disarmed man go down to the ground and get shot. That's exactly what I saw." posted audio of the police dispatch in which an officer says, “Shots fired!”

According to, Reid was convicted in 1994 of shooting at some police officers when he was 15 years old. He was paroled from jail in March 2007.

Sources: 6 ABC,,
Image Credit: N.J. Department of Corrections Media Handout


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