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New Jersey Pizzeria Won't Dish Out Pie To Patrons Who Protest Pulling Up Pants

While municipalities are running into trouble in their efforts to ban “sagging,” the fashion trend of wearing pants so low that part or all of the wearer’s underwear or in some cases, buttocks are exposed, one New Jersey pizza joint has taken matters into its own hands.

Opposing Views recently covered one St. Louis, Mo., council member’s attempt to criminalize sagging that stalled under opposition from fellow council members. Laws regulating fashion are always difficult to enforce. But Giulio’s Pizza in Dunellen, NJ, recently put up a sign banning sagging in the establishment.

The simple, Magic Marker on construction paper placard reading “Sagging PROHIBITED on these premises” has garnered national attention, which would seem to reflect widespread impatience with the sloppy fashion statement.

"Some customers, a few customers that saw it in a negative way, others really welcomed it, because they like to come in here, sit down, have dinner, and just relax," said Maria Herrera, whose family owns Giulio’s. "They don’t want to come in here and see people with their underwear showing. That’s basically the main idea."

She said that the idea for the sign came when employees attempted to get one patron to pull up his pants, only to be left at a loss for words when the prospective pizza consumer protested that he did nt see any sign prohibiting the practice.

Shortly thereafter, the sign went up in Giulio’s front window.

The seaside community of Wildwood, NJ, did recently manage to pass an ordinance prohibiting saggy pants, though police say they don’t plan to issue tickets or make arrests, They will simply ask perpetrators to pull up their trousers to a socially acceptable level.

SOURCES: NJ. com (2), News 12 New Jersey


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