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New Jersey Officer Helps Out Family After Their Clothes Are Stolen At Motel

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New Jersey officer Sgt. Andrew Brewer earned his badge in good will when he helped a family after their clothes had been stolen from a motel.

Brewer and officer Joshua Wood of Westampton Township, New Jersey, responded to a call from the family and reported to the motel on Jan. 4. The mother had reportedly fallen asleep washing laundry and woke up to discover the clothes had gone missing.

“Her children only had pajamas to wear back to their commute to Massachusetts,” the Westampton Township Police Department wrote in a Facebook post about the incident, which included a photo of the mom and her family at the store with Brewer.

Brewer kindly took the family to the store and helped them pay for new clothes with a donation from an anonymous donor.

“She was very ecstatic about it," Brewer told "She was overwhelmingly happy and grateful for us coming to her need and helping her in this incident. I put myself in her position, having children of my own, and realizing how distraught and upset I would be.”

The police department's Facebook post about the incident has since gone viral, garnering over 3,500 likes and 700 shares as of Jan. 12.

Brewer said that the kids had a lot of fun shopping and that he had a good time helping them out.

Sources: NJ.comWestampton Township Police Department/Facebook / Photo Credit: Westampton Township Police Department/Facebook

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