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New Jersey Husband Charged With Wife's Murder After Long History Of Fights

The bludgeoned body of a New Jersey mother of three was found in her Woodbridge home on July 22 after she was reportedly murdered by her husband while she slept. Reports say police had been called to the family’s residence 11 times over the last two years.

Police discovered the body of 32-year-old Giorgina Nigro lifeless in her bed in the home she shared with her husband Vito Nigro and their three children under age 10, reported. The following day, Vito was charged with the murder of his wife of 14 years. 

Giorgina’s body was found when police went to the family home to give her news of an apparent suicide attempt made by her husband, reported. According to authorities, after killing his wife, Vito hurled himself into traffic on the Garden State Parkway.

An autopsy determined Giorgina died as a result of blunt force and sharp object trauma. 

Over a two-year span, police responded to a variety of calls from the family, the Woodbridge Police Department said.

The family first lived in an apartment, but moved to a more secluded cottage after neighbors kept complaining about their arguing,  the victim’s mother, Angela Cimino, told 

In 2014, police responded to the family residence on five separate occasions for reports involving, arguments, domestic violence and twice to check on the welfare of residents.

Police responses to the home in 2015 included that for a report of harassment, a call for assistance, a call for unknown trouble, to serve a warrant and to notify a victim of an arrest, reported.

Cimino told Vito attempted to kill her daughter about a year and a half ago with a knife. He was stopped by the couple’s young son and was arrested but later bailed out by his mother, Cimino said. 

“Everybody was afraid. He beat her,” Cimino said. “We had to be nice to him so it wouldn’t get worse. I couldn’t say too much or he would take it out on the kids.” 

Along with his wife’s apparent murder, the 42-year-old hairstylist was also charged with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. He is being held on $750,000 bail.

“My daughter was a sweet, smart young lady. For the children, she stayed,” Cimino told “She didn’t know what to do about the kids.”

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