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New Jersey Man Whose Murder Conviction Was Overturned Faces New Murder Charges

A New Jersey court is standing by its decision to overturn a man’s murder conviction, despite the fact that police say he shot and killed a man less than one year after being released from prison.

Wali Williams allegedly shot and killed Alonzo Brown and Shafadine Sutton in Newark in 2003, reports the New York Daily News. Police say he shot them separately after he stole a Jeep and then told them to hand over their possessions, which they refused to do. In 2005, he pleaded guilty after police found a cell phone belonging to one of the victims which proved he had been let inside an apartment and linked him to the murder. Williams received a 30-year prison sentence. 

But his conviction was overturned in May of 2013 after a judge said the apartment search was unconstitutional because police did not have reason to believe the person inside of the apartment posed any danger.

But after being released from prison, Williams was reportedly arrested yet again the following April and charged with murdering 21-year-old Anthony Flowers and shooting a second man, who survived.

Williams is currently being held on a $1-million bail at Essex County Correctional Facility. His charges include murder, conspiracy and multiple weapons offenses.

Despite his latest charges, the Appellate Division is reportedly standing by its decision to overturn his previous conviction.

Source: New York Daily News

Photo Credit: Newark Police Department 


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