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New Jersey Man Suffers Severe Burns After Home Explodes From Gas Leak

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An early morning explosion in New Jersey rocked Point Pleasant Beach and left a man with severe burns on Monday.

Kurt Wagner awoke to the odor of gas and, when he turned on a bathroom light, a spark set off the explosion. According to neighbors and friends, the 47-year-old was blown out of the front door of the rental.

“That guy that was living in the house got blown out the front door,” Brian Kiddle, a neighbor, told CBS New York. “And he was rolling on the lawn next door.”

Rose Marie Posella, another neighbor, described the explosion as something similar to an earthquake.

“After I heard the boom, I heard sirens in the distance and thought it was something happening in town,” Posella said.

Wagner was rushed to Saint Barnabas Hospital, where he is currently in stable condition. When police discovered Wagner, he was fully conscious and suffering from burns across 40 to 50 percent of his body.

New Jersey Natural Gas said the street line was in good condition and that they’re currently investigating inside the bungalow home.

The gas leak follows another gas explosion that occurred just one week ago in Ocean County, New Jersey. The explosion, which literally ripped a home apart, was caught on video by a Stafford Township Police cruiser. Luckily, the home was unocuppied during the time of the explosion.

Sources: NY Daily News, NJ Live, CBS

Photo Credit: NY Daily News, SashiBellamkonda/Flickr


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