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New Jersey Man Dies Trapped Inside Clothing Donation Box

A New Jersey man died after he was stuck in the door of a Salvation Army clothing donation box Monday night.

Bridgeton police received a call just after 11 p.m. reporting a man dangling from a donation box, located behind a Salvation Army Church.

Officers found 50-year-old Joseph L. Hanshaw trapped in the box’s door. It took them several minutes to free Hanshaw, who was transported to a local emergency room.

Hanshaw was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Authorities called his death an “unfortunate and tragic death by misadventure.”

Police believe Hanshaw was either attempting to get some warm clothes from inside the box or looking for a warm place to sleep.

The New York Post reported a similar incident in March of 2012, when a Staten Island woman climbed into a clothing donation box to steal clothing. Melissa Mazzeo, 51, suffocated after the box’s metal door closed on her head as she tried to climb out.

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