New Jersey High School Students Ordered to Attend Counseling Over 'White Girls Club'

Several high school students have been ordered to undergo counseling for their involvement in a racially-fueled club known informally as the “White Girls Club.”

The group of female students at Franklin High School – a school in northern New Jersey – reportedly posted a number of “racially insensitive comments and photos” on social media sites, according to a previous report by the Home News Tribune.

Following their discovery, Superintendent of Schools Edward Seto required all of the students involved to attend counseling sessions. He even recommended their parents attend as well.

"In the matter of the social media incident that was recorded in the newspaper two weeks ago, an investigation was conducted," he said in relation to the incident. "I required all students who were involved in the incident to participate in individual and group counseling. Parents of the students were also encouraged to do the counseling."

It wasn’t immediately clear whether Seto was referring to in-school therapy conducted by guidance counselors or if the students would be required to attend outside counseling sessions.

Previously, the Home News Tribune reported they had received a number of screen shots of Tweets posted by members of the club. Those shots depicted club members each posing with three fingers creating a “W” – presumably to symbolize “white.”

Their hashtag on the postings was “#wgc” – an acronym for White Girls Club.

A boy from the school also allegedly tweeted a message that said, “the hallways in the high school,” followed by a photo of monkeys and chimpanzees. That same student also posted a Twitter picture featuring a Confederate flag hanging on a gym wall.

The caption underneath said, “south will rise again.”

Sources: Home News Tribune, NJ.com


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