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New Jersey Driver Throws Feces In Face Of Parking Cop During Dispute

A New Jersey woman admitted to throwing feces in the face of a parking officer during a dispute over a ticket last week.

The unidentified woman was issued a ticket in Hoboken on Sept. 11, according to According to the parking officer, the woman confronted her later in the day as she was leaving the Hoboken Parking Utility (HPU) offices at City Hall.

The confrontation drew a very large crowd and police were called at 9:18 p.m.

The driver accused the HPU officer of targeting her because she is Hispanic, police said.

When the officer tried to get into her boyfriend’s car to leave, the driver opened her car door and continued arguing with her. When the HPU officer threatened to call her supervisor, the woman threw something at her that was later confirmed to be feces.

The officer was taken to University Medical Center to be treated for possible fecal contamination. Her attacker was also hospitalized after she claimed police were giving her a panic attack.

The angry driver originally denied throwing feces, but eventually admitted to it. She claimed she found feces on the ground earlier and scooped it into a cup.

She was issued summonses for harassment and disorderly conduct.

Sources:, Raw Story


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