New Jersey Couple Indicted After Partially Paralyzing Two-Year-Old Girl In Beating


A New Jersey couple has been indicted after being charged in the spring of 2015 for beating a two-year-old girl to the point of partial paralyzation.

Jacob Lihn and Jennifer Pandorf, from Washington Township, were indicted on charges of child endangerment and assault after Lihn’s two-year-old daughter Alayna was beaten while under supervision from the couple.

Alayna’s mother, Melissa Velez, picked up her daughter from a three-day visit with her father and his girlfriend on April 11 and quickly rushed her to the hospital when she saw that Alayna was limp and her eyes were swollen shut.

At the hospital, doctors ascertained that Alayna was bleeding in her brain and hemorrhaging from her retina. She spent the following months regaining the use of her arm and leg on her left side.

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Lihn and Pandorf were charged in May for the assault. Lihn was held on $50,000 bond and Pandorf was held on $40,000 bond. 

On January 8, the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s office announced that the couple was indicted and will face trial.

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