New Jersey Cops Praised For Saving Choking Dog's Life


Police officers in Cranford, New Jersey, are being praised for rescuing a choking dog.

Donna Stone says she was playing with her 140-pound Great Dane/German shepherd mix named Leo on Friday night when he began to choke on a lacrosse ball he accidentally swallowed.

“I tried to get it out myself, but every time I got near him he was scared and fought me,” Stone told “I was panicked, and I really didn't know what to do, so I called 911.”

Initially, Cranford Officer Robert Jordan responded to the call and attempted to dislodge the ball using abdominal thrusts, but it wasn’t until Officers John Rattigan and Brian Trotter arrived that the three cops worked together to try and get the ball out.

Ultimately, the three officers had to take Leo to a local veterinarian to have them perform an emergency procedure to remove the ball because they couldn’t get it out on their own. Stone says she is grateful for the officers’ help in saving her dog’s life.

“They were amazing," the grateful dog owner said. "I couldn't have asked for anything better. They saved Christmas for us. Leo was born on Christmas day, so we were just approaching his second birthday. He’s part of our family. I didn’t want to lose this dog.”

Leo is said to be doing fine, and Cranford Police Chief James Wozniak says he is happy that the officers were able to save the dog’s life., News 12 New Jersey, Eyewitness News 7 / Photo Source:


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