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New Jersey Cop Allegedly Body Slammed Grandma, She's In Coma

A grandmother. who was allegedly body slammed by a police officer in Clark, New Jersey, is currently in a medically induced coma because of her injuries.

Antoniette Dilorio had her front teeth knocked out and suffered several fractures, reports WABC.

The incident reportedly stemmed from a traffic stop.

Fortunato Riga claims that police stopped him on July 31 for allegedly running a stop sign, and pulled him out of his vehicle.

Riga told WABC that his 61-year-old mother, Dilorio, tried to intervene:

"They tried saying that my mom jumped on the cop's back. My mom never jumped on the cop's back. My mom grabbed the cop and be like, 'Yo, why are you going (at) my son like this?' He was like, 'Shut up!' Boom! And just slammed her, my mom went face first."

Riga's fiancee, Crystal Palmieri, added, "All of a sudden he grabbed my mother-in-law by her arm, lifted her off her feet, like in mid-air and slammed her on the ground. And she just, all you saw was blood pouring out of her face."

Riga and Palmieri's 5-year old son was in their car at the time.

Riga was cited by police for multiple violations and handcuffed.

The Clark Police Department has not commented, but the Union County Prosecutor's Office claims there is an investigation underway.

Clark Mayor Sal Bonaccorso, who was not present during the incident, claims he already knows the officer is innocent and that the family is trying get money out of the city.

"Quite honestly, I'm disgusted by the whole situation," Bonaccorso told "I think these people are looking for a pay day. And they're not going to get it in Clark."

Bonaccorso claimed the officer in question told him, "Mayor, I did it all right," and "I did nothing wrong. I had to get her off my back."

"The climate right now in this country is anti-cop," Bonaccorso added. "If you get pulled over and they ask for your credentials, just give them the damn information. What is the problem?"

Bonaccorso failed to mention that the number of the civilian killings by U.S. police officers is far more than Canada, Germany, England and Wales, Finland, Australia and Iceland, noted The Guardian earlier this year.

According to the International Centre For Prison Studies, the U.S. tops all developed nations, including China, in prisoner population.

Sources: WABC,, The Guardian, International Centre For Prison Studies / Photo credit: WABC Screenshot


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