New Jersey Bans Smiles on Driver's Licenses

Residents of New Jersey aren't allowed to smile on their driver’s license anymore, because the state government is inputting their identities into an information system which uses facial recognition software.

The state says that their database of drivers becomes hard to manage when images start to include grins and smirks, so banning smiles will streamline their process of being able to positively identify someone.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission spokesperson Mike Horan told the Philadelphia Daily News: "That could be someone trying to steal someone else's identity to get insurance benefits, or someone trying to get out of a DUI by getting a license under another name. This helps us weed out fraud."

It also, however, can assist the state and even federal agencies in identifying anyone, anywhere, for any reason. Ironically, New jersey Governor Chris Christie has attacked President Obama for building a "big government," which apparently does not apply to state government actions.


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