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New Indian Film ‘Kill the Rapist?’ Explores Women’s Revenge Fantasy

As India continues to struggle with rampant violent acts against women, the revenge fantasy film “Kill the Rapist?” aims at making “every rapist shiver with fear before even thinking of rape.”

Two filmmakers say the Bollywood movie was inspired by the December 2012 fatal gang rape that took place on a New Delhi bus last year.

“As a society, we don't have much reverence or confidence in the legal system so if you happen to be the victim of a rape attack, what do you do?” director Sanjay Chhel told AFP. “Our film explores what the girl goes through physically, mentally, her journey and the people around her. We have put a question mark at the end of the title because we don't want to preach or take a legal stand.”

The film’s Facebook page already has more than 40,000 likes.

Filmmakers admit the content is meant to shock and unsettle the audience.

“At some point the hunter becomes the hunted. The story unfolds in a 12-hour time frame during which power shifts and the girls face dilemmas on how to deal with this rapist,” said producer Siddhartha Jain of iRock Films.

“We usually make more youth-centric, fun films," Jain said, "but I thought we must balance it with some responsibility and make a movie which is also positive, motivational and insightful."

Last December, a 23-year-old physiology student and her male friend were tricked into getting onto an out-of-service bus. Six men on the bus brutally beat her friend and then raped the woman. She later died from severe internal injuries in a Singapore hospital.

“The brutality of that crime shook me up. It reminded me that we are such a hypocritical and selfish society,” Jain said. “Through this film we want to amplify the debate on the issue and show that there is no one solution.”

Jain also intends to use profits from the movie to set up an anti-rape foundation to raise awareness and funds for charities working on women's issues.

The movie has a December release date.

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