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New Homeowner Finds Century-Old Surprise In Floors Of Her New House (Photos)

When you move into a new home, you’re not just inhabiting a new living space. You’re moving into someone’s old living space as well. It’s no surprise then that from time to time new homeowners find remnants from past tenants in their new digs.

Most of the time these findings are pretty mundane – you might find an old pack of light bulbs or a toilet plunger laying around (not that plungers should go unappreciated, but you get the point). But every once in a while, something really cool turns up. New Minnesota homeowner Amanda Reddy is among the lucky few who found something worthwhile.

Reddy just moved into a Cape Cod home built in 1910. Seeing as the home is so old, it’s no surprise that it needs a few renovations. Reddy was removing the baseboards from the house recently when she stumbled upon something pretty special.

“When I first pulled off the baseboard I thought, ‘ewwww…someone’s nasty stuff is back here,’” Reddy told The Blaze. But as she looked closer, what she found was far from “nasty stuff.”

She’d actually stumbled upon a “time capsule,” as she put it, of post cards from over 100 years ago. The cards are dated from 1907-1909 and feature written messages between two friends. Her find inspired her to see if there might be other old goodies pinned up in her house somewhere.

“I Googled ‘hiding places in old houses,’ which informed me that, yes, people did hide stuff in their homes back then — under floorboards, behind wallpaper, buried under trees and so on,” Reddy said. “It didn’t list behind a baseboard as one, but maybe Mayme was just smarter than the rest. I think I might just have to take a flashlight into the attic and the basement and see if I can find anything else!”

Check out these great pictures of her find:

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Sources: The Blaze, Huffington Post


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