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New Home Movie of Challenger Crash Unearthed

It's been 26 years since the space shuttle Challenger blew up just after liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 1989. And for 26 years Jeffrey Ault kept a home movie he shot of the disaster hidden in a box. Until now.

Ault was then a 19-year-old self described "space nut" who was visiting from California to see the launch. He brought his Super-8 film camera with him to record the memorable event.

However it wasn't the memory for which he was hoping.

"Unfortunately it became one of those long lasting memories for all the wrong reasons," Ault told The Huffington Post, to which he licensed the video.

As you can hear on the video, no one knew really what was going on in the moments after the tragedy. But when a NASA announcer said there has been an explosion, the crowd realized something had gone horribly wrong.

HuffPo writes that while two previous home movies are known to exist,

Ault's film, shot from the Kennedy Space Center viewing site fewer than ten miles from the launch, offers a never before seen -- and significantly closer -- perspective.

Video and photo courtesy Jeffrey Ault/The Huffington Post


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