New Hampshire Woman Gets Fined For Trying To Save Ducklings On Highway Median


A woman in New Hampshire was issued a $100 ticket Friday for pulling over on a highway median to try to rescue ducklings.

Hallie Bibeau, 33, said she had to brake abruptly while driving along Route 101 to try to stop before hitting the ducklings. Still, she said her car struck the mother and several others, who died in the incident, according to Fox News.

Then she pulled over to the median and called 911 in the hopes that she could save the two surviving animals.

"I could hear them peeping, and I looked over the right hand side of the road, and I saw that their mom had been hit and was dead on the side, so I couldn't just continue on," Bibeau told WMUR-TV.

She added that some of the ducklings attempted “to go to the westbound lane and got run over, and it was terrible to see."

When a state trooper showed up, the officer gave her a $100 ticket for stopping in the median, which officials say are reserved only for emergencies.

The ducklings were brought to a wildlife rescue after the incident, but one of them died while in care.

Source: Fox News, WMUR-TV

Photo Credit: Spring Lake Farm


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