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New Hampshire Woman Carley Williams Lies About Father's Death to Escape Speeding Ticket

New Hampshire woman Carley Williams was caught lying to police about speeding to her father’s deathbed, after a state trooper discovered that her father had died five years earlier.

"I'm pretty used to people trying to bend the truth to get out of speeding citations,” Trooper Christopher Cummings said, “but this woman preyed on my emotions as a human being.”

The 28-year-old was rushing down the Everett Turnpike at 82 mph on a Friday night when she was pulled over by Cummings. Williams told Cummings that her father was at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester and she wanted to see him before he died.

Cummings, who allowed Williams to leave but remained suspicious, decided to research Williams’ father and discovered an obituary dated 2008. Cummings also discovered that Williams was driving with a suspended license plate.

An anonymous tipster pointed to Williams’ Facebook page, where she posted: “I really don’t see the point in registering cars! What a financial nightmare!”

The trooper decided to confront Williams on the issue and brought his research to her home, where she finally confessed to lying. She was arrested and booked for speeding and driving with suspended registration.

Williams was later released after her own recognizance, though her $200 speeding ticket will ultimately cost thousands more.

Sources: Gawker, ABC News


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