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N.H. Teen Denies Having Sex With 15-Year-Old Girl He's Accused Of Raping

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Owen Labrie denied on Wednesday ever having sex with the girl he was accused of raping at St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire.

The denial follows the deletion of a Facebook message Labrie sent which said that he used "every trick in the book" to have sex with the girl, the Associated Press reported. In March 2014, Labrie had also written the girl's name in capital letters in a list of girls he wanted to "slay," and in a May 8 list he wrote, the words "still at large" were printed next to the girl's name.

Labrie testified at his trial at Merrimack Superior Court in Concord, New Hampshire, on Wednesday.

During his testimony, the 19-year-old boy, who attended the elite prep school in Concord, New Hampshire, on full scholarship, argued that while he and the then-15-year-old freshman girl had consensual sexual contact, they did not have sex. According to Labrie, who was 18 years old at the time of the alleged incident, he realized that it wouldn’t have been a good choice to have sex with the minor.

Labrie had invited the girl as part of the Senior Salute, a school tradition in which seniors invite underclassmen to socialize. Although the girl initially declined Labrie’s invitation, she later agreed to attend the event with him.

Labrie and the young girl entered the math and science building at some point and began kissing against a wall. Then, they put a blanket on the floor and continued there.

“She helped me put it there. She kissed me some more. She was smiling,” Labrie said.

Labrie added that the girl’s hands were on his back and that she lifted her hips so he could pull her pants off.

“I thought she was having a great time,” Labrie said.

Labrie then got on top of the girl and pulled out a condom. However, he reportedly thought to himself that it wasn’t a good time to have sex with the girl and left instead. After putting his pants back on, he exited the building – he later reached into his shorts and removed the condom, which he noted had some premature ejaculation on it.

During the testimony, Labrie also read some of the messages between himself and the girl; in one of the messages, the girl told Labrie that his plan to meet sounded "perfect."

On Tuesday, the New Hampshire State Police forensic team reported that there were no signs of sperm or semen on the girl, although that’s not uncommon for days after an alleged assault. However, Labrie’s DNA was found on the girl’s underwear.

When Labrie returned to his dorm room, his friends congratulated him. When asked why he didn’t correct his friends who thought he’d had sex with the girl, Labrie said that he wanted to look good.

During a testimony last week, the young girl said she didn’t know what to do in the situation and that she had giggled because she was nervous. She noted that while she didn’t scream or push, she told Labrie “no” several times. 

Closing arguments in the case are scheduled for Thursday.

Sources: AP via ABC News, Buzzfeed

Photo Credit: Concord Monitor, Concord New Hampshire Police via NY Daily News


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