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New Hampshire Police Shoot At Unarmed Man For Making 'Gun Gesture' With Hands (Video)

A police officer in Salem, New Hampshire, fired his gun at an unarmed man who allegedly made a "gun gesture" with his hands on Tuesday (video below).

Salem police claim that they answered a call from an utility worker at the Phantom Crossfit gym where the owner, Chris Bright, was armed with a gun. The utility employee claimed that Bright confronted him about turning off the power to the gym.

According to police, Bright obeyed their orders to walk outside, however, Raymond Shawdee also left the gym.

Police claim that Shawdee walked away from them, ignored their commands, turned around and pointed his hands at them in a "gun gesture," notes WMUR.

One of the police officers fired at Shawdee, but did not hit him or anyone else in the vicinity.

Salem Police Lt. Joel Dolan put the blame on Shawdee, whom he didn't mention by name: "It was some poor decisions made by the person who was not carrying the gun to turn around and act as if he was and forcing our officers to take the actions that they took."

Dolan didn't explain specifically how the officer was 'forced" to shoot at Shawndee, or what the "gun gesture" looked like.

Shawdee had no weapon and posed no actual threat to police, but was charged with criminal threatening and reckless conduct.

Bright told NECN that he showed the Liberty Utilities employee a form that proved he (Bright) had worked out a payment plan with the company.

Bright said the employee suggested that he (Bright) was wearing a gun to threaten him, which Bright denied.

Bright has a license to legally carry a gun, but the utility employee called the police.

Bright said that Shawdee had nothing to do with the situation, was not wearing shoes or shoes, but was running to his vehicle to retrieve something.

“It was just a series of kind of miscommunications that all started with that one gentleman who was probably uncomfortable with the fact that I was wearing a weapon," Bright added.

Sources: WMUR, NECN / Photo Credit: WMUR Screenshot


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