New Hampshire Man Arranges Fake Arrest For Surprise Marriage Proposal (Video)

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New Hampshire woman Samantha Labo was in tears after her boyfriend was pulled over by police, only to happily discover that the event was an elaborate scheme for her boyfriend to propose.

In the video shot from a police dashboard camera in New London, Police Chief Edward Andersen pulls over Matt Van Vliet. During the stop, Labo asks why Vliet was pulled over.

“Are you driving the car?” Anderson replied. “Then don’t be asking the questions.”

After a few minutes Anderson asks both Vliet and Labo to step out of the car, announcing that there is a warrant out for Vliet’s arrest.

After appearing to be loosely handcuffed, Vliet walked to the other side of the car and knelt down on his knee, much to the surprise of Labo.

“I had no idea what was going on,” Labo said. “I went from being absolutely terrified to being the most happiest I’ve ever been.”

After proposing, a group of the couple’s friends ran onscreen and started clapping.

Anderson involved himself in the proposal while he was off duty, agreeing to the event because of previous involvement with the couple. As freshman at Colby-Sawyer College, the two had been arrested at an underage party, but were later cleared of all charges after taking a breathalyzer test.

“We kind of met in jail sort of, so I thought it would be cool to include the cops again,” Vliet said.

Sources: Metro, CBS


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