New Hampshire Firefighter Unknowingly Responds To Daughter's Fatal Car Crash


A volunteer firefighter arrived at the scene of a car crash in Brookline, New Hampshire yesterday and immediately rushed to pull a woman from the cabin of her smashed car. Upon seeing the woman, the rescue instantly turned into a nightmare. The dead victim of the crash was his daughter.

The woman has been identified as 30 year old Katie Hamilton. She was preparing to turn left onto a busy street yesterday when her car was rear-ended. The collision sent Hamilton and her car out into oncoming traffic. A man driving a Ford F250 truck smashed into Hamilton’s car and killed her.

Hamilton’s father is 58-year-old Steve Whitcomb. Whitcomb owns a heating and air conditioning business in Brookline but volunteers as a firefighter in his spare time. He chose to only speak briefly about the tragic experience of finding your child dead at the scene of a car crash.

"You grieve and then you try to put it all back together," Whitcomb said.

Brookline Police Chief Bill Quigley said his department does not think alcohol or drugs were a factor in the accident. He did not rule out driver distractions, though.

"At the last minute - we don't know if it was driver distraction or what the cause was, we haven't been able to determine that - he swerved to avoid hitting her and still struck her on the very right rear corner of her vehicle, forcing her to come over to the northbound lane," Quigley said.

Katie Hamilton is survived by her three young children.

Sources: Daily Mail, Nashua Telegraph


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