New Guinness Record Set by 'Lukas, World's Smartest Horse'


Rescued ex-racehorse sets record heard ‘round the world

Guinness World Records has officially recognized Lukas' history making achievement: "Most numbers correctly identified by a horse in one minute." 

The seventeen year old ex-racer and former rescue met all the guidelines and identified 19 numbers in less than 60 seconds. Karen Murdock, Lukas' owner/trainer, had quite a list for her beloved gelding during the event. Guidelines for the attempt included the following:

--Qualified veterinary surgeon present

-- No equipment whatsoever to be used by the handler (including a halter) –

       Lukas loose and entirely free in a round pen.

-- No touching or pointing by the handler or any other person.

--A single verbal request (a number) solely must be made by the handler.

--The numbers must be placed on the floor/table in front of the horse 20 centimeters apart.

--The horse must return toward center after each number and make a conclusive selection.

--Only correct responses are counted.

--Numbers spoken at random and non-consecutive.

--Two expert witnesses.

--Two expert time keepers with stopwatches accurate to 1/100th of a second.

--Static (non-stopping) filming of entire attempt and focused on attempt at all times.

-- Still photographs documenting the above.

More about Karen and Lukas:


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