New Form of Meth Found in Texas Middle School


A new form of liquid methamphetamine was found Monday, after six junior high school girls in Texas City were caught with the substance.

The girls were reportedly acting “zombie-like” during afternoon classes at Blocker Middle School.

Once the school learned that the girls had ingested meth, they immediately called EMS. The girls were treated at a local hospital before they were sent home to their parents.

When deputies at Galveston County Sheriffs Office confiscated the remaining methamphetamine, they found small paper squares that the girls had soaked in a liquid form of the drug and had been wrapped in foil.

Deputies say they have never seen the drug in this form before.

The paper squares are reportedly meant to be placed in the user’s mouth where they dissolve. It can also be absorbed into the skin.

On Thursday, Principal Julie Southwort wrote a letter home to parents informing them of the incident, hoping that it would be an isolated event.

She added that parents should remind their children about the dangers of drugs.

The six girls have not been charged with any crime, and disciplinary action is dependent upon the results of the investigation, according to Southwort.

Sources: Chron, DailyMail


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