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Will Backing Into Driveways Become Illegal In Jacksonville, Florida?

City Council members from Jacksonville, Florida, are considering a bill that would make it illegal for residents to back into their driveways.

As a means of addressing “blight conditions” that abandoned cars cause, City Council members are considering a measure involving license plate visibility from the road when cars are parked in homes. 

Under the proposal, named Bill 2015-377, a car that is backed into a driveway cannot do so in a way that prevents inspectors on the road from viewing the license plate. The bill also says that if car's cover blocks the license plate, the owner must post the information elsewhere so that inspectors can see, according to the Florida Times-Union.

According to council members, visible license plates are important to help code inspectors verify vehicle registration, for they are not allowed to walk onto private property, WJXT reports.

Homeowners might face a $50 for failing to comply. 

City Councilman Warren Jones, who introduced the bill, says the proposed measures will be helpful to the community. 

“We have been trying to find a way to address this problem because it’s a blight on the community and it’s driving down property values and it’s very unsightly,” Jones said, reports WJXT. 

David Bryant, a Jacksonville resident, thinks the proposed bill is “ridiculous."

“The main reason I do it is people parallel park on the side of the street,” Bryant said to WJXT. “So if you are backing out, you can’t see traffic coming.”

So far the proposal has passed two committees, although some council members are raising questions about its measures. Council members will continue to deliberate over the proposed bill this summer. 

Sources: WJXT, Florida Times-Union
Photo Credit: Screenshot via WJXT, Greg Gjerdingen/Flickr


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